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Your real name: Kelly
Age: 16
Height: 5 foot 5 odd
Natural hair colour: Ginger
Eye colour: Blue
Skin color: Fucking red
Glasses/contacts?: Nope, twenny twenny!
Piercings: Eyebrow, lip, forward helix and stretched lobes
Tattoos: Nil
Braces: Had 'em
Mannerisms: Uh, using my hands, chewing the skin off my lip, ending sentences with like.
Other distinctive markings: Uh, I've got loads of little red dots on my hands? Crooked nose? I don't know.

Colour: Blue
Band: Steam Powered Giraffe!
Video game: L.A Noire or Red Dead, it's a tough call.
Movie: Hmm, never too sure. I don't really have one to be honest.
Book: The Hobbit or Of Mice and Men
Food: Pink icing doughnuts with white chocolate or sprinkles, mm-mmm!
Game on a cell phone: Uh, don't really use 'em there was one called Nugra/Noogra-Nuts that was so addictive I had to delete it
CD: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH he played the 2 Cent Show!
Flower: I don't really have one but I like rose tattoos so a rose I guess
Scent: White musk is nice or Lynx Excite, that's real nice too
Animal: Kitties and birds of prey!
Comic book: I've only read the Walking Dead graphic novel whilst I was in the comic shop so that.
Cereal: Fucking harvest morn chocolate crunch or frosted rice crispies.
Website: Tumblr!
Cartoon: Hmm, Spongebob or Foster's Home but Billy and Mandy???? Shit son.

Play an instrument?: Keyboard, piano and guitar
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?: No way, you could say yes for the internet though
Like to sing?: Not particularly, my voice is too high
Have a job?: No but I have over 20 CVs stacked right now to try and get one
Have a cell phone?: Yup, Samsung Galaxy Ace
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No but I'll leave time to tell that one
Have a crush on someone?: Not particularly, more platonic crushes, like wow I really love this person like if they wanted to kiss you you'd probably kiss them kind of thing? You know what I mean.
Live somewhere NOT in the united states?: Yes, England bruv!
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?: I don't think so no, think we've got 3.
Have any special talents/skills?: Uh, not special.
Exercise daily?: I'm starting to do 'weights' (basically using heavy ornaments to do it) daily to try gain muscle a bit because I'm weak as shit.
Like school?: Not really, kind of liked it when I was there but hopefully I'll like college, eh?

Sing the alphabet backwards?: No fucking way
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?: No
Speak any other languages?: Je parle Francais
Go a day without food?: I've been a day with just a biscuit so I guess so
Remember your dreams: Yeah, pretty much all the time. I had a dream I murdered my mum the other week because she was nagging, woops.
Read music, not just tabs?: Yes, but I have to do the 'every green bus' thing or read it visually (like, there's a bit of a gap, probably two keys down).
Roll your tongue?: Yup
Eat a whole pizza?: Probably not, I can do like just under a whole medium, minus a slice.

Won something in the lottery?: Nope
Snuck out of the house?: Nah
Lied to get out of trouble?: Yes, like going to London with just your boyfriend, yeah...
Had a computer crash?: Yup
Gotten lost in your city?: Probably
Seen a shooting star?: Yes there was a shower once and my bro and I watched it
Been to any other countries?: MURICAH and France
Had a serious surgery?: Nope
Stolen something important to someone else?: I don't know, highly unlikely
Solved a rubiks cube?: No fucking way
Gone out in public in your pajamas?: Nah, only for charity school days
Cried over a girl?: Yes
Cried over a boy?: Yes
Kissed a random stranger?: Nope
Hugged a random stranger?: Yes
Been in a fist fight?: Nope
Been arrested?: Nope
Done drugs?: Nope
Had alcohol?: Yes
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?: No
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?: Nope
Sneaked into the opposite sex's bathroom?: Nope
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc?: Yes, snow day when the boiler broke down
Swore at your parents?: Not so much at them but with them
Kicked a guy where it hurts?: Yeah, not full force though
Been to a casino?: Nope
Ran over an animal and killed it?: Nope
Broken a bone?: No, touch wood it doesn't happen ever
Gotten stitches?: Nope
Had a water balloon fight in winter?: No way
Made homemade muffins?: We made cupcakes the other week and they were so big you could call 'em muffins
Bitten someone?: Yes
Been to disneyland/disneyworld?: Yes!
Burped in someone's face?: Nope, I can't really burp unless it randomly happens

Brushed your teeth: This morning
Cried: I'm actually tearing up at the moment because the song I'm listening says 'I love you still' and my mum sent me a text saying she loves me and I'm worried she doesn't and worried she won't in the future. So uh, now.
Went to the bathroom: Few hours ago
Saw a movie in a theatre: March last year or something
Read a book: Today, Fellowship of the Ring :)
Had a snow day: Uh, like last month I think, really unexpected.
Had a party: When I was a kid
Went to a doctor: Start of December
Tripped in front of someone: No idea
Went to the grocery store: Few days ago to apply for work
Got sick: New Years, mmm stomach viruses!
Got cursed: Uh, dunno?
Called someone: To ask my dad to get me a double cheeseburger instead of a mayo chicken

Fruit/vegetables: Veggies, fruit is so gross, euuurgh textures D:
Black/white: I'm really indifferent on this one because I like both
Lights on/lights off: On
TV/movie: TV
Body spray/lotion: Uh, spray?
Cash/cheque: Cash
Pillows/blankets: Both, I have loads of pillows but I like blankets
Headache/stomach ache: Urgh, neither please?
Paint/charcoal: Paint, charcoal is so messy
Chinese food/Mexican food: Chinese!
Summer/winter: Winter
Snow/rain: Rain
Fog/misty: Mist
Rock/rap: Rock
Meat/vegetarian: Meat
Chocolate/vanilla: 'Nilla!
Sprinkles/icing: Icing!
Cake/pie: Cake!
Strawberries/blueberries: Neither, fruit is yucky but strawberry flavouring
Ocean/swimming pool: Neither, not keen on swimming attire but I'd choose a pool
Cookies/muffins: Cookies :)
Wallet/pocket: Wallet but I don't own one so I use my pocket all the time
Window/door: Door, feel a need to run out of rooms all the time because of anxiety so doors.
Charles Chaplin/Chespirito: Who?
Pink/purple: Purple because it reminds me of Michael Reed and that guy's an inspiration
Cat/dog: Meow, cats!
Long sleeve/short sleeve: Depend, short t-shirts, mid length button ups (rolled up kinda thing) and long jumpers/jackets
Pants/shorts: Pants
Winter break/spring break: Hmm, dunno, spring.
Spring/autumn: Spring
Clouds/clear sky: Clear sky
Moon/mars: Mars bars
Questions/Answers: I like being asked question and giving answers?
War/Peace: Peace, obviously.

Do you believe in love?: Yes, it obviously exists
What's the most important kind of love for you?: Uh, support kind of love but romantic love is nice too.
Have you ever been in love?: Yes
Been close to love?: Mhm
If you have, with who?: Ollie, he has a deviant art - HEARTOY
Ever confessed your feelings to the one you loved?: Only when they have
Really badly so that it actually hurts and you cry at night?: Yes
Are you in a relationship?: No
If so, for how long?: N/A
Do you believe there is someone for everyone?: Kind of yeah
What is your idea of the best date?: Just sitting on the sofa eating food and playing video games
What was your first kiss like?: Can't remember it, what a slut
How old were you when you got your first kiss?: Like, 11?
Do you think love is worth nothing?: No, it's worth the experience
Best experience you've ever had with the opposite sex: Uh, don't really know.
If you are single, have you had any boyfriends/girlfriends before?: Yes, quite a few, between 5-8
Have you ever been dumped?: Yes, once
Have you ever dumped someone?: Yes, a few times

Am: neutral
Want: something I will probably never have
Need: a hug
Love: Steam Powered Giraffe!
Hate: people bullying others in any way
Feel: alright, kind of positive, hopeful but it's just a general feeling I always seem to have and I like it
Did: nothing today apart from make Homestuck horns and get the supplies to make them which I guess is something really
Miss: seeing people and going out
Am annoyed by: people being horrible to others
Would rather: be a boy than a girl (yes, this might as well make it's way onto deviantArt now, don't spread it)
Am tired of: anxiety

What is your favourite genre of music?: *whispers Steam Powered Giraffe into the wind*
What time is it now?: 22:19
How much money do you have right now?: 25 in cash and about a fiver in the bank
Are you hungry right now?: Nope, I'm stuffed
What are you doing right now?: This and listening to Suspender Man
Do you like parades?: No
Do you like the moon?: Yes, controls things yo
What are you going to do when you're done with this?: Tumblr
If you could have any magical power what would it be?: Hmm, probably the ability of telekinesis

Funny?: No, I have the worst sense of humour going
Cool?: Nope, I'm like Dave Strider. I can try but will never be... *kick it barack*
Pretty?: Ahaha, no
Sarcastic?: I'm British, of course
Lazy?: Yes
Hyper?: Not really, I'm fairly laid back
Friendly?: I'd hope so
Evil?: No
Unforgettable?: No, I'm very forgettable.
Smart?: Well my GCSEs say yes but my common sense says no
Strong?: Nope, I'm weedy
Talented?: Kind of but not
Dorky?: Not really

High: Drugs
Pen: Paper
Flower: Tattoos
Window: Pane
Psycho: Frenzy
Brain freeze: Slushie
Strange: Odd and peculiar
Sassy: Michael Reed
Suffering: Pain
Art: Artist

(fucking 99 Problems just came up on shuffle, dead)

Sky dive?: No
Run away?: No
Curse at a teacher?: With them but not at them
Not take a shower for a week?: Probably not
Ask someone out?: Maybe, it'd take a lot of effort
Unscrew your cellphone too see what's inside?: Nope
Lie to someone to make them think better of you?: No
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?: Nah
Go scuba diving?: Nope, not a good swimmer
Write a book?: Not enough patience, I write a page and that's it
Assemble a computer?: Nope
Become a rock star?: Not my jam
Have a long-distance relationship?: Probably
Marry someone you don't know?: No

What kind of computer do you have?: HP pavillion g6 (like a g6)
What grade/level of studies are you in? (if applicable): British College (16-18)
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?: No, that's fucking rude
How many posters do you have in your room?: 4! SPG (thanks Jess!), Dalek 'TO VICTORY!' poster, Hobbit, LOTR - Return of the King
Who else should take this quiz?: Whoever the heck wants to
  • Mood: Content
  • Reading: Fellowship of the Ring - J.R Tolkien
  • Drinking: Water


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